Base writer providing shared methods for sending log messages to a destination


public __construct($inLogLocation, $inLogFilter)

Returns new writer instance

public put($inMessage, $inSource, $inLogLevel)

Puts the log message into the destination

protected abstract _put($inMessage, $inSource)

Writer specific options for putting log information

public isLoggable($inLogLevel)

Returns true if the message should be put

public getUniqueId()

Returns unqiue id for this writer

public getDateMask()

Returns the date mask format

public setDateMask($inDateMask)

Set $_DateMark to $inDateMask; $inDateMask is any valid date() format

public getFilter()

Returns $_Filter

public setFilter($inFilter)

Sets $_Filter to $inFilter

public getLogLocation()

Returns $_LogLocation

public setLogLocation($inLogLocation)

Sets $_LogLocation to $inLogLocation

public getLastLogLevel()

Returns $_LastLogLevel

public setLastLogLevel($inLastLogLevel)

Set $_LastLogLevel to $inLastLogLevel

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