Holds attributes to be applied to the log file when a message is written. These attributes can be current values such as process information, or customer reference or product id etc.

Items can be added as either keys or key => value pairs. A handful of constants are pre-defined for use within the Scorpio framework. Adding additional values here is discouraged as they will be overwritten with any updates.


$oSource = systemLogSource::getInstance('Controller', 'View');


public __construct()

Returns a new instance of the systemLogSource

public static getInstance($inSource, [$inSourceFlags = null])

Returns a single instance of systemLogSource

public getSourceString([$inLogLevel = null])

Returns source as a string, if $inLogLevel is set, prepends log level as a string

public getSource([$inSource = null])

Return source or entire array of sources

public setSource($inSource, [$inValue = null])

Set the log source

public removeSource($inSource)

Removes the item from the source index

public countEntries()

Returns the number of items attached to the source

public resetSource()

Resets source

Inherited Methods

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