Provides access to records in logging.logQueue

Creating a new record:

$oSystemLogQueue = new systemLogQueue();

Accessing a record by primary key on constructor:

$oSystemLogQueue = new systemLogQueue();

Accessing a record by instance:

$oSystemLogQueue = systemLogQueue::getInstance();

If there are other unique keys, separate methods should exist for each key.


public __construct()

Returns a new instance of systemLogQueue

public static factory([$inLogFile = null], [$inLogMessage = null])

Creates a new systemLogQueue containing non-unique properties

public static getInstance()

Get an instance of systemLogQueue by primary key

public static listOfObjects([$inLimit = null])

Returns an array of objects of systemLogQueue

public static getQueueCount()

Returns the number of items in the current log queue

public load()

Loads a record from the database based on the primary key or first unique index

public loadFromArray($inArray)

Loads a record by array

public save()

Saves object to the table

public delete()

Deletes the object from the table

public reset()

Resets object properties to defaults

public toString([$newLine = ' '])

Returns object as a string with each property separated by $newLine

public toXml([$newLine = ' '])

Returns object as XML with each property separated by $newLine

public toArray()

Returns properties of object as an array

public isValid([$message = ''])

Returns true if object is valid

protected checkLogFile([$inMessage = ''])

Checks that $_LogFile has a valid value

protected checkLogMessage([$inMessage = ''])

Checks that $_LogMessage has a valid value

public isModified()

Returns true if object has been modified

public setModified([$status = true])

Set the status of the object if it has been changed

public getPrimaryKey()

Returns the primaryKey index

public getLogFile()

Return value of $_LogFile

public setLogFile($inLogFile)

Set $_LogFile to LogFile

public getLogMessage()

Return value of $_LogMessage

public setLogMessage($inLogMessage)

Set $_LogMessage to LogMessage

public storeLogFile()

Puts the log entry to the file system, removing the entry from the DB

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