An abstract resource body used by CSS and Javascript resources. Allows them to be added more easily to views for rendering when external libraries are needed in an adhoc basis.


public abstract __toString()

Converts the object to a string

public abstract reset()

Resets the object

public toString()

Additional wrapper for __toString()

public isModified()

Returns true if object has been modified

public setModified([$status = true])

Set the status of the object if it has been changed

public getIdentifier()

Returns the unique identifier for this CSS object

public setIdentifier($inIdentifier)

Set $_Identifier to $inIdentifier

public getType()

Returns the type, either a file location or inline style rules

public setType($inType)

Set $_Type to $inType

public getResource()

Returns the resources, either a URI / path link or a block of CSS code

public setResource($inResource)

Set $_Resource to $inResource

public getMimeType()

Returns the mime-type to use for the CSS

public setMimeType($inMimeType)

Set $_MimeType to $inMimeType

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