Handles requests for static pages. This controller inherits the default security policy of the current site. If you wish to allow open access, you will have to extend the class and override the requiresAuthentication property.

Static pages can have any page name so long as it is a valid URI name. Therefore this controller will always return true for a valid action.

To enable this controller in your site, simply add a declaration in your controllerMap.xml file that points to this class. This functions in the same manner as mvcImageController and mvcCaptchaController.

By default, the views should be located within a folder called "static" in your sites views folder. For example: in a site, you would need to ensure that a folder "static" exists in the "views" folder of the site: /websites/

If a specific template cannot be located, then a default "static" template is used. You should at the minimum create a static.html.tpl file within the static folder to handle these situations.

If you want to provide additional functionality beyond what the default controller / model can, you should extend them into your libraries folder in your site and add the classes to the site classes section of your config.xml file in the site folder.


public getModel()

Fetches the model

public buildModel()

Builds the model

Inherited Methods

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