Handles generating captcha images for the Scorpio framework. The controller calls into the mvcCaptchModel for actual generation of the captcha. This component is dependent on mvcSessionBase and gd. GD requires that TTF font support be available.

Usage of this controller is the same as that for the mvcImageController. Simply add a path to your controllerMap.xml file and set the class path to use mvcCaptchaController.class.php:

You must ensure that the session module is loaded either via expressly including it during the dispatcher setup or via the config file. If using the config file you must add the mvcDistributorPluginSession to the distributorPlugins sections.

Finally: in your views, simply link an image to the path you placed the captcha controller on e.g. and that's it. No extension required.

If you wish to have an extension on the link, then ensure that the action "generate" is set immediately after the controller name, for example:

This controller always returns a JPEG image unless the image cannot be created. If the session has not been logged, a message will be written to the site log file.


Inherited Methods

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