Parses a daemon status file into parameters allowing them to be displayed to users or used by other processes.

Example usage:

$oProcInfo = new cliProcessInformation('loggingd');


public __construct([$inProcessName = null])

Creates a new process information object

$inProcessName is the filename of the daemon process to find information for. This should exclude any extension. e.g. to fetch information for the loggingd daemon process:

$oProcInfo = new cliProcessInformation('loggingd');

public static getDaemonInformation()

Returns an array of cliProcessInformation objects

Objects are returned for each daemon listed in the daemons folder.

public load()

Loads process information

public reset()

Resets the object

public getProcessName()

Returns $_ProcessName

public setProcessName($inProcessName)

Set $_ProcessName to $inProcessName

public getProcessStatusFile()

Returns $_ProcessStatusFile

public setProcessStatusFile($inProcessStatusFile)

Set $_ProcessStatusFile to $inProcessStatusFile

public getProcessPidFile()

Returns $_ProcessPidFile

public setProcessPidFile($inProcessPidFile)

Set $_ProcessPidFile to $inProcessPidFile

public getProcessID()

Returns $_ProcessID

public setProcessID($inProcessID)

Set $_ProcessID to $inProcessID

public getProperty($inProperty)

Returns the property value for $inProperty

public setProperty($inProperty, $inValue)

Sets the property with $inValue

public removeProperty($inProperty)

Removes the property

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