baseObjectSet is designed for manipulating sets of objects that all conform to the systemDaoInterface. This super class can then save, load, delete add objects. It requires extending and implementing to handle a specific set of objects e.g. a set of products, or a set of users.

In theory you can use it with any systemDaoInterface based object, but in practice this is not really a good idea.

While the class is not "abstract" per se, it does require a concrete baseObjectSet::load() method.

If you require finer control of your set, it is recommended to inherit directly from baseSet and implement your own systemDaoInterface into that set.


public load()

Requires an implementation

public save()

Save all changes to objects to the database

public delete()

Deletes all objects in set

public reset()

Clears set of objects

public toArray()

Returns class properties

public getObjectCount()

Returns the number of objects in the set

public getObject($inObject)

Returns the object

public setObject($inObject)

Add an object to the set, must implement the systemDaoInterface

public removeObject($inObject)

Remove a single object from the set

Inherited Methods

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